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Some people are into legs. Others are into muscles. It’s all a matter of personal taste and preference. But regardless of what you’re into, there’s one thing on which we all can agree. There’s some dead sexy software out there on the market just waiting for you to engage with on an up-close-and-personal 1:1 basis. Maybe you’re into tantalizing tools. Perhaps you’re more of a scintillating specs kind of person. Me? I’m into cloud-based stuff. Nothing gets me going like an Internet-based application that can get the job done without always asking me to shell out tons of dough on hardware and upgrades. Maybe that’s why I love Lightweight Marketing Automation so much.

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Deliverability is one of the greatest challenges facing today’s inbound marketers. Because while Marketing Automation is easier than ever, there’s still a lot of good emails out there being marked as spam or junk because their senders have a poor Email Reputation. The good news is, a poor Email Reputation can be prevented, and even improved by implementing the right strategy and the right tools to optimize Deliverability.

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With high ROI and the availability of sophisticated and affordable platforms, email marketing has exploded onto the marketing scene and remains an integral part of the marketing tech landscape. As marketers and agencies are looking for better metrics, the search for ways to increase email campaign conversion is constant and never ending. The best email marketers are able to 1) avoid the spam folder, 2) get consumers to open their emails once they see them, and 3) convince consumers to take further action. Each step requires different areas of expertise, and the best marketers know how to use the tools at their disposal to deliver results. It is ultimately a combination of art and science: the marketer creatively designs emails to have maximum impact on the consumer, and the email platform ensures that the email stays out of the spam folder. The following list provides tips to improve both aspects of your email marketing campaigns. Implementing these simple changes is certain to increase your campaigns’ opens, click-throughs, and conversions.