The Newest Way To Use pURLs With Direct Mail

Boingnet Audiences – Use pURLs With Any Landing Page

With Boingnet Audiences, marketers can use pURLs with direct mail AND leverage their investment in their landing page, content management or ecommerce platforms.

This simple idea makes the old way of using pURLs with direct mail seem so…2010.

How Do Boingnet Audiences Campaigns Work?pURLs with direct mail - fill out the form

Audiences campaigns use a simple wizard to generate pURLs and then point your recipients to the landing page URLs that you’ve built in any modern content management system.

pURLs with direct mail - any landing page

Just drop our industry standard JavaScript Tracking Code onto your pages. Exactly the same way Google Analytics™ does. Think of Audiences as Google Analytics™ for direct mail. Except Audiences keeps track of each campaign target, uniquely. There are no anonymous visits.

The tracking code works with the pURL to keep track of each recipient, uniquely. It reports back to your Audiences campaign everything that the recipient is doing on each page.

pURLs with direct mail - Tracking Code

You can even set up Audiences to drive direct mail recipients to e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce. You can attribute sales of merchandise immediately to specific direct mail campaigns. Instant, immediate attribution, as sales occur.

Use pURLs With Direct Mail. In 10 MinutespURLs with direct mail - In Minutes

Savvy marketers want to use pURLs with direct mail, because they’re an easy way to track online traffic and personalize the experience. Now, you can setup a powerful pURL campaign in 10 minutes. Why is this now possible? Because there’s no need to build a new landing page.

Direct Mail Personalization – On Your Landing Pages

Personalized landing pages convert better than generic landing pages. For obvious reasons.

Boingnet’s Variable Data and Variable Logic have long been considered the most powerful, yet easy to use, personalization tools for direct marketers.  We’ve created a point and click interface to create highly personalized experiences on PURL landing pages and email marketing that has been used in thousands of campaigns over the years.

Now you can use them in any landing page. Audiences has a “Pop Up” Variable Data and Variable Logic Builder, along with a WordPress plugin and a Chrome extension to help you set up personalization in your HubSpot, WordPress, Unbounce or other landing pages.

Here’s a few things you can do:

  • Greet your audience by name. Like you experience when you visit a local store with a familiar owner.
  • Pre-fill form fields. Research shows that people will fill in empty fields (like email address or phone number) when you give them a head start on the form.
  • Personalize Call To Action Buttons.
  • Show different text, images, videos or links to different segments of your audience.

Audiences will insert data from your Boingnet list into the pages you’ve personalized. Or, it will use content assets (like forms, images, etc) stored in HubSpot, WordPress, etc in logical expressions. You simply set it up in the page editor of your chosen landing page platform. Here’s a sample WordPress screenshot:

pURLs with direct mail - WordPress Page

It takes minutes to set up high converting, personalized landing pages. In any modern landing page system.

Learn More About Audiences Personalization

Boingnet Pricing

Using pURLs with direct mail doesn’t have to take months of planning and huge budgets. Boingnet gives marketing teams and agencies the choice of Monthly Subscription or On Demand pricing options. Need help? Tight on time or do you need experts to build out your campaign? Boingnet Marketing Services can help.

Marketer Pro & Agency Edition

  • Unlimited Audiences Campaigns
  • Unlimited Personalized URLs and PURL campaigns
  • Email and Drip Nurturing Campaigns
  • No contracts, just low monthly rates starting at $299/month

On Demand Personalized URL Software

  • Full feature PURL software and tracking
  • Buy credits and use them as you need them
  • On Demand Email and Landing Pages are also available
  • PURL credits start at $1,049