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Vanity URL Search, Purchase and Management For Marketers

Boingnet has integrated Vanity URL search, purchase and domain management features fully into our Lightweight Marketing Automation platform. Why? Because you need to deploy Landing Pages, Email Campaigns and Personalized URL Campaigns without technical hassles and delays.

A-Records, DKIM-Records, Wildcards & Other Technical Wonders

Landing pages, microsites and email marketing campaigns all need to be configured and authenticated in some very techie ways in order to work properly. When you buy a Vanity URL through Boingnet, all of the settings that need to be configured are taken care of.

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Technical Settings Auto-Configured In Boingnet

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Vanity URLs + Lightweight Marketing Automation

Best of all, this integrated Vanity URL and domain management capability is bundled tightly into Boingnet’s Lightweight Marketing Automation Platform. Use Boingnet Vanity URLs in:

  • Landing Pages with campaign specific messaging and creative
  • Microsites for product launches, loyalty or retention campaigns
  • PURL campaigns for direct mail to online integration with consistent messaging across channels
  • Email and Drip Campaigns that work with in conjunction with your landing pages, microsites and PURLs.

All of this with monthly pricing starting at $299/month or our unique pay as you go On Demand pricing.

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Why Use A Vanity URL For A Marketing Campaign?

Marketers have long preferred to use Vanity URLs for marketing campaigns for many reasons:

  • Speed – Bypass IT with automatic domain configuration. Marketing controls this environment.
  • Security – IT has locked down procedures for changing brand or primary website domain settings for a reason. One mistake can bring down the whole domain.
  • Message Alignment – A Vanity URL better reflects the specific message and branding of the campaign – Compare vs.

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What About Existing Brand Domains Or Domains Purchased Elsewhere?

Got a domain registered elsewhere for your campaign?  GoDaddy,, Network Solutions are just a few of the domain name providers that can be configured in Boingnet.  We help marketers set up the configuration to point to Boingnet servers through our Client Services team. Once the configuration is complete, these domains can be used in any Boingnet Campaign. Check out this video to learn more.


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