What is a PURL?

(Personalized Unique Resource Locator)

Q: What Is A PURL? A: A Powerful Marketing Tool

PURL is an acronym for Personal (or Personalized) URL. A Personalized URL (or Personalized Uniform Resource Locator in techie talk) is a unique web address created for a specific target of a marketing campaign. The unique web address renders a unique landing page or microsite for the target. Direct mail and email marketers love them because the uniqueness of the web address (http://johnsmith.domain.com) enables individual and precise response tracking. PURLs also generate higher conversion rates than standard landing pages because the page content is personalized and more targeted.

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what is a purl? Boingnet postcardHow do PURLs work?

Marketers generate PURLs by uploading lists and mapping them into specialized cloud software (like Boingnet or Postalytics). Common list sources include data brokers, list providers and CRM systems.  Next, the list is merged with a domain to form a PURL for each person or target on the list. In order for PURLs to render properly, some technical domain settings must be modified.  An easier path is to use a Vanity URL as the basis of your PURL. PURL software that has Vanity URL search and purchase features can take care of the technical settings automatically. The PURL generation process will typically take 2 columns (often First Name/Last Name) from the list and merge them together to create a unique URL. De-duplication and PURL export logic are typically standard features as well.

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What is a PURL in Boingnet?

When we started Boingnet in 2008, we were asking ourselves “What is a PURL?”.  Over the years, we’ve built or hosted thousands of campaigns, and PURLs have been at the core of our platform ever since. Today, Boingnet PURLs are used in everything from simple direct mail postcard campaigns to sophisticated, multichannel, multi-step drip nurture campaigns. We can work with you to help you build your first PURL campaign, or tell us what you want done and we’ll deliver it to you on a turn-key basis.

Why Boingnet PURLs?

    • Build PURLs Fast: Only Boingnet Offers Integrated Domain Purchasing & Configuration
    • Detailed Analytics: Let PURL tracking keep track of every target’s opens, clicks and conversions
    • No need to learn a new landing page tool: Boingnet “Audiences” let you use your existing CMS or landing page tools.

 Boingnet PURL Products & Services

Marketer Pro & Agency Edition

  • Unlimited PURLs and Direct Mail PURL campaigns
  • Complete PURL tracking & analysis
  • Full Marketing Automation Platform
  • No contracts, just low monthly rates starting at $299/month

On Demand Direct Mail PURLs

  • Full feature PURLs, Landing Pages & Microsites and tracking
  • Buy credits and use them as you need them
  • Choices for PURL campaign, Email or Landing Page credits
  • Personal URL credits starting at $1,049

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