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Outbound Marketing And Hubspot

Outbound Marketing And Hubspot - Inbound vs Outbound

Outbound Marketing And Hubspot – Yes, They Can Co-exist (And Thrive!)

We read a great blog post over at Duct Tape Marketing that got us thinking about all of the commotion in the marketing world that has developed in past couple of years about Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing and Hubspot. The post, titled “Why Outbound Marketing Has Never Been More Effective” by John Jantsch has stirred up controversy, as the current thinking in many marketing circles can be characterized as “Outbound Marketing = old, bad, screaming, spammy and annoying” while “Inbound Marketing = new, modern, consultative, good”. It seems as though the marketing world has divided into Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing camps.

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While our friends at Hubspot have certainly done a commendable job advocating on behalf of Inbound Marketing, and have built tremendous brand equity in the process, we at Boingnet are taking a longer view of the subject. In reality, the two forms of marketing out to be co-existing in a single continuum. Smart brands are always using data to segment customers and prospects, and reaching out to them on a pro-active basis to say “Hey – I’ve got something that might interest you”. When done in a bad, screaming, spammy and annoying way, it doesn’t feel right or work very well (flash to image of late night TV ad with guy screaming at you to buy now). When done well, outbound marketing, through a variety of channels, presents the right offer to the right person at the right time, resulting in happy customers and happy marketers. Boingnet has built an easy way to integrate Outbound Marketing and Hubspot together for seamless Inbound and Outbound campaigns.

Inbound marketing promises to deliver, after having consumed a variety of content, highly qualified customers who have figured out on their own that they are interested in something. When done well, these techniques have been shown to work really well. Of course the hard part is creating great content! Inbound marketing doesn’t get to skip past the basics – design, copy, call to action all have to be created in a way that delights, rather than bores or turns off, the audience.  Good marketing always works – regardless of the channel, technology, or latest approaches and buzzwords.  Bad marketing, even when applied in the latest & greatest way, is bad marketing.

We feel as though we are in a pretty interesting position in this debate, as Boingnet’s Personalized Marketing Platform has been used in Outbound, Inbound and Omnichannel (buzzword alert!) campaigns very successfully. By creating personalized brand experiences with pURL’s to highly segmented and targeted prospects and customers, and delivering those experiences in a multi-channel way, we’ve been able to deliver great value to those who are seeking as well as those who are selling. With our easy integration Outbound Marketing and Hubspot aren’t mutually exclusive phrases!

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