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Boingnet v2 Announced at DMA 2013 [Press Release]

Boingnet v2 announced – expands vision & scope of multi-channel, personalized marketing

Chicago, October 14, 2013:  Boingnet today announced the beta release of Boingnet v2, the first self-service, one to one engagement platform that empowers marketers to build, manage and analyze personalized, relevant marketing campaigns across web, email, print and mobile channels. Boingnet is unveiling Boingnet v2 in Chicago at the DMA 2013 conference.

“Boingnet v2 builds upon the Boingnet’s successful self-service personalization platform to now offer true multichannel campaigns with integrated BoingDripsTM triggered messaging” said Dennis Kelly, CEO of Boingnet. “Brands, agencies and small to midsized businesses have all been clamoring for a simple, easy way to create personalized campaigns that use all marketing channels in concert with each other, without involving IT, programmers or expensive consultants”.

Marketers build integrated campaigns that deliver results 

Boingnet v2 Dashboard

Boingnet v2 Dashboard

Today’s brands, agencies and SMBs are tired of huge marketing automation solutions that require vast investments of time, money, education and IT to operate. “Point Solutions” like email marketing providers, web landing page platforms and direct mail providers can be self-service and easy to engage with, but fail to provide integrated, coordinated campaigns that deliver personalized experiences across web, email, mobile and print. Boingnet has built v2 to serve as a simple, easy way for marketers to deliver the right message, in the right channel to the right customer.

“Boingnet v2 is a huge advance for agencies like DMC” said Devin Herz, Founder and Creative Head of DMC out of Tampa, FL. “Our clients want us to deliver campaigns that speak to their customers and prospects on a one to one basis, regardless of whether it is on the web, in email, direct mail or a mobile device”.  “The fact that Boingnet v2 is easy to use, fast and easy to engage with as a self-service platform makes it a perfect fit for our agency”.

BoingDripsTM triggered email and messaging – a new way to campaign

Among the innovations delivered in v2 is BoingDripsTM, an automated triggered messaging feature that gives marketers an easy way to deliver messages to campaign targets based on their behaviors within the campaign.  “Now, instead of waiting for customers to respond to messages that get ignored, marketers can plan out campaigns that use multiple channels to try to get responses. Email, direct mail and text messaging can be used in any combination to follow up with targets based on behaviors like opens, clicks, landing page activity or even non-activity” said Alec Graziano, Founder/CTO of Boingnet.

About Boingnet

Headquartered in Rockland, MA, Boingnet has been building thought leading, self-service web based marketing software since 2009.  Learn more about Boingnet at, their blog at or via social at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+.

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