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5 Secrets For Successful Direct Mail Landing Pages

Why Are Direct Mail Landing Pages Important?

As the offline and online marketing worlds merge, direct mail landing pages are becoming an increasingly important part of the design of good multi-channel marketing campaigns. Driving a direct mail audience to the “right” online portion of the campaign, where the message is controlled and consistent, is critical. Check out the webinar recording or download the slides below to learn more.

1.) Direct Mail Drives Online Behavior

Consumers who receive a direct mail promotion have a natural inclination to go online to Google and begin doing research— why not? it’s fast, easy, and free. However, Google is really an advertising platform with a search engine. It uses complex algorithyms like page Quality Score, AdWords campaigns, and the myriad of other factors to determine which pages get shown. Direct mail audiences can easily get distracted when they go online, especially if they don’t have a good landing page to refer to.

2.) Direct Mail Landing Pages Protect Your Audience – From Google

Consumers are used to using Google to do research before responding to any marketing campaign. However, Google AdWords acts as a “Siphon” on customer attention to ads placed by competitors, causing direct mailers to lose business. The best way to address this is by explicitly directing consumers to a “safe spot”, away from Google and competitor ads. The key is to construct the direct mail creative to highlight a landing page as a part of the call to action.

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3.) Landing Pages – Direct Mail Audience “Safe Spaces”

Landing Pages and Microsites are the “safe spaces” where marketers control the content, the message, and the options for the consumers.  The best option is to set up really good landing pages and embed them into your direct mail campaigns. This shows consumers exactly where to go online and learn more; direct them to your landing page opposed to the wild west of Google.

4.) Set Up AdWords For Your Campaigns

A secondary strategy is to set up your own AdWords campaign that corresponds with your direct mail campaign. Google AdWords is how the internet behemoth makes most of it’s money. AdWords lets businesses bid on “keywords” that are associated with searches.  Bids determine the placement of ads that are designed to get consumers to click on them when they express interest in a topic via those keywords. Direct mailers now set up Adwords campaigns to bid on landing page keywords strategically placed in the URL, the title, and the copy of the page.

5.) Good Landing Page Design Is Critical

A good direct mail landing page is designed specifically for conversion. Many direct mailers try to replicate their direct mail pieces online. These pages are disastrous. Landing pages work differently. They should be simple enough to limit distractions, but enticing enough to inspire conversion on the page’s single call to action. Good landing pages are opportunities for marketers to give consumers a place to go online where they can learn more, compare & contrast, without being distracted by competitors. They should also feature a clear and concise headline and sub-headline that all relate to the initial message, which is a concept known as “message match.” Finally, landing pages that aren’t optimized for mobile devices don’t stand a chance.

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