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Some people are into legs. Others are into muscles. It’s all a matter of personal taste and preference. But regardless of what you’re into, there’s one thing on which we all can agree. There’s some dead sexy software out there on the market just waiting for you to engage with on an up-close-and-personal 1:1 basis. Maybe you’re into tantalizing tools. Perhaps you’re more of a scintillating specs kind of person. Me? I’m into cloud-based stuff. Nothing gets me going like an Internet-based application that can get the job done without always asking me to shell out tons of dough on hardware and upgrades. Maybe that’s why I love Lightweight Marketing Automation so much.

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You’ve got the coolest idea for a marketing campaign, but you need a cool online presence to go with it…and you need it fast. You don’t want it buried on your corporate site, nor do you want your visitors roaming off to other areas of your site.  You need them to focus, and you need them to take action. Here are 4 signs your cool new marketing campaigns need cool microsites

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As 2015 nears its end, we at Boingnet are celebrating more than just a new year; we’re raising our glasses for yet another major Boingnet release. And this time, it’s all simplification and optimization. Not only did we implement some beautifully designed and optimized email templates (which we’ll talk about more in an upcoming blog), but we also streamlined the process for Boingnet users to search for, buy, and manage vanity domains for marketing campaigns.