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Boingnet User Experience Upgrade – New Release

Major Release Live Today 9/16/14 – A Boingnet User Experience Upgrade

We’ve just pushed up a major release of Boingnet that is all about upgrading the Boingnet User Experience. We’ve been working hard on some cool new tools that you can check out below for some time. This upgrade will help you work faster, better and more productively. Here’s the quick list of what’s inside:

What's New In Boingnet

  • A new drag and drop capability within the template editor for moving around responsive blocks of content
  • Responsive Template Blocks can now be inserted from within the editor
  • Added template block management for resizing, setting background color and deleting blocks
  • A new Button Builder for easily creating great looking buttons for templates
  • Improved search and sort capabilities on all listings – templates, microsites & campaigns
  • Improved navigation
  • Improved usability of reports, campaign creation, microsite management and template menus.
  • Assorted minor bug fixes

Check out the Boingnet User Experience Upgrade –  Register for a 60 Day Free Trial!


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Amazing New Responsive Page & Email Template Editor!

We’ve developed some spectacular new tools in the Editor that will help you build better responsive page & email templates more quickly, modify templates with changes and let you design with more creativity and freedom than ever. Since debuting our Responsive Template Blocks approach to building mobile friendly page & email templates a few months ago, we’ve seen an explosion of use of our editor to build mobile ready campaigns. We’ve accumulated ideas from our users, the Boingnet Labs and industry experts on how to make these Responsive Template Blocks even better, and we’re proud to have built out many of these ideas in this release:

Insert a New Responsive Template Block from within the EditorNew Responsive Template Insert | Boingnet

How many times have you started a Boingnet template using our point & click template editor, picked a structure or format for your page or email, and then wanted to insert a new  block into the template when you are partially done building? We now make it a snap with our Template Blocks feature in the left hand menu of the Template Editor.





Move Responsive Template Blocks | Boingnet Move Responsive Template Blocks

After you start your edit – you often think of a new way to structure the content and you’d like to quickly make a change to see how it looks. Now, all you need to do to Move a Responsive Template Block is click on the block, grab the “Move” icon and drag the block to a different part of the template!




Re-size Responsive Template Blocks | BoingnetResize Responsive Template Blocks

Resizing a block is a snap. Just click on the block, click on the “Resize” icon and grab the lower right corner red button and drag the size of the block to whatever size your heart desires!



The New Color Picker – On Blocks & Call To Action ButtonsBoingnet Template Color Picker | Boingnet

We’ve built you a fabulous Color Picker that you can tap into throughout the template editor. Whether you want to change the color of a template block that you are working on or modifying the color of a Call to Action Button – just click on the color picker to scroll through all the colors of the rainbow, or just type/paste in the color number that you’re looking for. You’ll see it appear before your eyes! Speaking of Call to Action Buttons…..


Insert Call To Action Buttons | Boingnet TemplatesBuild and Insert Call to Action Buttons in your Templates with our New Button Builder!

We’ve made the creation of powerful Call To Action buttons a snap with our new Call To Action Button Builder. Choose your text, size it, style it, choose gradient colors and embed a URL or pURL and you’re off to the races! Getting the right Call to Action Button is so important in determining the success of your landing page. Now you have a great tool to build custom looking buttons without having to jump into the HTML editor.



New Ways to Sort, Search & Find your Templates, Microsites & CampaignsNew Listings Format | Boingnet

As you build out more content in your Boingnet account, you need better tools to find exactly what you need to view, edit or delete quickly. Our new Listing Format that debuted a few months ago in Lists has now been moved to all Boingnet Listings. We’ve added a sortable column called “Last Update Date” and made it the default listing order, so what you worked on last is at the top of every list. You can now sort on column headings and search for every template, microsite and campaign that exists in your Boingnet account.

We’re working hard to help YOU build better campaigns!

As you can see, this release is jammed with tons of great new features that will make you a more productive, faster and better builder of Boingnet campaigns. We’ve been working on hard this new list of features that we know you’ll love. If you ever have any ideas you’d like to share, just email us at to share your thoughts. See these for yourself – Register for a 60 Day Free Trial!

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