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Can White Label Marketing For Agencies Save SMB Marketing?

White Label Marketing AutomationAs companies of all sizes work to attract more customers, marketing departments are turning to technology to gain an edge. White label marketing automation is helping to fulfill a gap in technology and resources that exists in small organization marketing departments. Marketing automation platforms have quickly become very popular, but up until recently they remained financially out of reach for all but the largest businesses. These large enterprises were and still are seeing significant returns from large investments in sophisticated marketing automation platforms. These platforms are highly advanced cross-channel marketing products that are explicitly designed for big businesses. This means that the software was built for lengthy implementations by large marketing teams with extensive IT resources. And big business marketing automation is not cheap: the platforms almost always require extensive contracts, expensive setup and training fees, and significant tech support. Despite the cost, marketing automation allows large marketing teams with sizeable budgets to deliver more and higher qualified leads to their sales teams. However, the large marketing automation providers fail to cater to companies smaller than this, as small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and other smaller organizations usually lack the resources to make such a significant investment in an advanced marketing automation platform.  The already lopsided marketing battle between big business and SMBs looks now more like David and Goliath as SMBs struggle to find a right sized counterpart to large-scale marketing automation.

As a result, many SMBs have adopted inexpensive, self-service “point solutions” to do email marketing, such as Constant Contact® Mailchimp®, Unbounce©. These products are fine for the particular marketing channel on which they focus, but lack the technology and analytics to run cross-channel Cross Channel Marketingmarketing campaigns. And cross-channel marketing pays off: 60% of multichannel marketers reported revenue increases of more than 10% attributed directly to cross-channel marketing programs such as email to web or direct mail to web (Forrester, Multichannel Maturity Mandate). Even the simple act of attaching landing pages to emails cannot be accomplished easily without an integrated platform with cross-channel marketing capabilities. Despite the fact that a SMB may have a superior product to that of a large, established business, the lack of access to cross-channel, marketing automation means that the bigger company will draw in more sales through its higher brand visibility and more thorough lead generation.


Agencies & MSP’s – Skill and Resources for SMB Marketers

The limited resources and capabilities that exist in the marketing departments of small organizations have created a need that is being filled by marketing agencies. SMBs usually lack the creative expertise and manpower to effectively set up and run anything but relatively simple campaigns: they turn to agencies to augment their small teams with experienced staff and better software tools. To put it simply, their difficulties are a direct result of the mismatch between marketing resources and marketing goals: it is just not feasible for a small marketing team to invest in and fully utilize advanced marketing automation products and services. To remedy this, agencies have traditionally supplied a disparate collection of lightweight point products to their clients in a “white label” format. White label marketing solutions are packages in which the cost of the software platforms are bundled into the overall campaign fees billed to the clients. Clients still receive real time access to campaign results, but the most of the work that goes into creative, data analysis, personalization, and campaign management is handled by the agency behind the curtain. This strategy saves money, but the collection of single-channel products makes cross-channel campaign integration nearly impossible.

These conditions have left a significant gap in the market. Agencies servicing SMBs, nonprofits, and educational institutions are searching for a product that offers essentially a simplified version of advanced automation platforms. Recently, that product has emerged as a “lightweight white label marketing automation” solution. Lightweight marketing automation allows agencies to offer an integrated toolkit of solutions to its SMB clients at an identical or lower price than the disparate point solutions and enables easy cross-channel campaign management.

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Lightweight Marketing Automation Fills the Gap

If the SMB-large enterprise marketing battle is David and Goliath, then lightweight marketing automation is David’s sling . By opening doors for SMBs, lightweight marketing automation is a home run for agencies operating in a white label marketing context. Lightweight Marketing AutomationAgencies will now have the ability to sell email, direct mail, landing page, microsite and SMS/text message campaigns as a single campaign entity, and at the same time provide their clients with white label analytic reports on all channels at once. The automation also enables lead nurturing through automated drip campaigns, with each “drip” operating on a timeline personalized to individual leads. Therefore, campaigns will essentially run themselves. As potential clients express interest in a product, their individual drip campaigns will begin completely independent of any other human input. Agencies and their clients may still schedule email blasts for specific offers, but even without these, landing page and microsite campaigns will continue to contact and attract customers through search engines, pay per click ads and social media. These campaigns create for agencies more sustained, deeper relationships with clients: instead of engaging clients on a campaign-to-campaign basis, automation provides the foundation for long lasting, high value agency-client partnerships.

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What makes this new white label marketing “lightweight” is its ease of use. Emails, landing pages, microsites and more can all be created in minutes through templates with no IT input. This allows an agency’s creative arm to fully focus on the content it does best, rather than get bogged down with getting things approved through the business’ IT. Lightweight marketing automation is focused on the core set of features that today’s marketers need to help SMB marketing teams to “take the next step” beyond basic email, web and direct marketing tactics. Agencies can now offer SMBs fully integrated campaigns with outstanding creative and campaign strategy all at a much more reasonable price. The prospect of longer lasting, more durable client relationships makes white label marketing automation a must have for all agencies catering to SMBs and smaller organizations.

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Boingnet’s White Label Marketing Automation Solution

Boingnet is a premier platform for white label marketing automation for agencies and small organizations. Our software allows our customers to quickly and easily distribute campaigns across web, direct mail, email, and mobile channels. We then personalize those cross-channel marketing campaigns with pURLs, custom landing pages and microsites, and easy to use variable logic. Then with the data we collect from content opens, click-throughs, pURL opens, and microsite forms, we lay the foundations of drip campaigns to continue the conversation with the desired segments of the initial campaign. What’s more is that our product was designed with agencies in mind. Our drip capabilities create deeper, longer lasting relationships between agencies and their clients, and our white label product ensures that those clients will never even know we exist. The system of client portals lets agencies handle the behind-the-scenes work and then present only the relevant campaign information to their clients. We are confident that Boingnet’s product is an agency’s ultimate key for opening new doors into the untapped market of SMB marketing automation. We invite you to contact our sales team or start 60-day free trial HERE.

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