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Buy Credits

This article is still a work in progress!

Boingnet is a pay as you go platform, so before you launch any marketing campaigns or generate any pURLs (personalized URLs) or landing pages, you will need to purchase credits.  The number of credits to purchase depends on the combination and number of pURLs (personalized URLs), emails, SMS messages, and landing pages your campaign will use.

Buy Credits

From the main navigation bar, select Account and then click Buy Credits.

Buy Credit Detials

Using the drop down menus on the right of the screen, select the approximate number of each of the following components that your campaign will need. For example, if you are planning to launch a campaign that will contain landing pages, pURLs and emails, you’ll need to buy credits for each component.  After you have made all your selections, click Purchase.

  • Personal URLs (pURLs)
  • Emails
  • Landing Pages
  • SMS Phone Numbers
  • SMS (Text Messages)

Buy Credit Payment

  • Check your order summary to make sure everything is complete and accurate and fill out your payment information.
  • Once you click Submit Order, you’ll be ready to start creating your first campaign!


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