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Copy a Landing Page Template

Boingnet allows you to repurpose a template you’ve used in the past for a campaign you are currently developing.  For this we have developed a Copy button that will allow you to simply copy a landing page template:

  • From the main navigation bar, click Build.
  • Next, click Templates to navigate to the Templates Index Page.Copy Landing Page Template
  • Find the template you’d like to duplicate and click the Copy button to the right.
  • Once the template is displayed, click on the settings icon on the top left side of screen to display the template sidebar.
  • Give your new template a name and select the template type from the drop-down menu.

If you want to make changes to this template, you can add text, insert images and insert links.  For more general information about our editor, visit our Editor page.

Remember to click Save when you are done editing this new template.

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