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Delete a Landing Page Template

Occasionally, you may want to clean-up your Template Index Page by deleting templates that your campaigns no longer use.  Just make sure that no active microsites, campaigns, or links point to the template(s) you want to delete.  When you are sure you want to delete your landing page template, go to the navigation bar, click Build, and then select Templates.

Delete Landing Page Template

Click the trash icon to the right of the template you’d like to delete.  Next, click ‘OK’ when asked to confirm and the template will be deleted.



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By Sparq Vault - 14 November 2013

This is my problem

By boingnetpurl - 18 November 2013

Hi Sparq Vault – we need a little more information to help out. Give us a call at 781-421-6291 and we’ll dig in further – thanks!

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