Personalized URLs Generate More Leads

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Personalize And Track 

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Why use Personalized URLs in your direct mail or multi-channel marketing? Every campaign should have a landing page. Personalized landing pages with built in tracking perform better.

How Do Boingnet Personalized URLs Work?

Personalized URLs can add tracking and personalization to any campaign in just a few steps:

  • Upload your list (we’ve got lots of integrations to make it easy)
  • Pick a landing page, build one or point to an existing page
  • Pick Your Domain & Generate PURLs for each list member
  • Download your data file with PURLs for printing and/or email

Boingnet PURLs – A New Approach

Personalized URLs combine with cutting edge marketing automation to make Boingnet your best choice for PURL campaigns. Only Boingnet combines PURLs with cutting edge vanity domain integration, email and drip marketing to give you an easy and affordable way to build killer direct mail, web, and email campaigns. Short on time? We can do it for you!

Personalized URLs with drip marketing: Boingnet

Why Boingnet PURLs?

  • Fast: Buy A Vanity Domain, upload a list, build a page template & generate a pURL Campaign
  • Detailed Analytics: Let pURL tracking keep track of every target’s opens, clicks and conversions
  • Easy Personalization: Personalized URL Landing Pages present targeted creative to each list segment
  • Automated Drip Campaigns: Personalized URL software with triggered email sequences

Boingnet Personalized URLs Pricing

Building a Personal URL campaign doesn’t have to take months of planning and huge budgets. Boingnet gives marketing teams and agencies the choice of Monthly Subscription or On Demand pricing options. While many clients use Boingnet as a self-serve platform, others have us help build out their campaigns with Boingnet Marketing Services.

Marketer Pro & Agency Edition

  • Unlimited Personalized URLs and pURL campaigns
  • Complete direct mail tracking & analysis
  • Full Marketing Automation Platform
  • No contracts, just low monthly rates starting at $299/month

On Demand Personalized URLs

  • Full feature Personalized URL software and tracking
  • Buy credits and use them as you need them
  • Choices for pURL campaign, Email or Landing Page credits
  • Personal URL credits starting at $1,049