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Feature Alert – Easy Marketing Automation

New Boingnet Features for Easy Marketing Automation

As we continue to refine Boingnet v2 – we are finding ways to make your life easier. We’ve been hard at work streamlining Boingnet to make the workflow as logical and intuitive as possible.  We are rolling out features every week that make marketers like you faster and more productive. When people think of “Easy Marketing Automation”, we want them to think of Boingnet.

Easy Drip Marketing for Email Campaigns

Drip Marketing is a key part of any easy marketing automation system. Subsequent to the recent roll-out of our Email Campaign feature, we’ve been developing several usability related updates.  With the ability to now quickly generate email blasts to your lists, we’ve added the ability to set up scheduled drip emails to those blasts. You can now easily pick from your template library and schedule messages to go out to non openers, openers who didn’t click through, as well as openers that did click through. You can use different subject lines, different CTA’s (calls to action) and all of the advanced email marketing techniques you’ve developed over the years to set up scheduled, automated drip campaigns to drive better open rates, click rates, conversions and sales.

Easy Marketing Automation

View Campaign Reports Quickly and Easily

Our new Campaign Summary feature has been a big hit with users, enabling quick navigation, sorting and searching of our three distinct campaign types.  Some of our active users commented that it would great if we could give access to reporting directly from the three campaign summary tabs. A little bit of coding magic later, and voila! – you now have super quick access to reports for each of the campaigns you’ve created.

Easy Marketing Automation


Microsite URL Viewing and Management

Easy marketing automation tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact can’t do it. Even heavy, expensive and complicated marketing automation platforms like Hubspot and Marketo don’t offer it. Among marketing automation platforms, only Boingnet gives marketers easy and powerful tools to create micro-sites for content marketing, personalized product pages, events and more. With v2, we’ve thought through the question “How to make a micro site simple and easy to build?”  and answered with new features and functions. The latest involves quick and easy access to the full URL’s that Boingnet has either published or been redirected to at another domain. To view or test out each of your microsite pages, just find your campaign in the Campaign Summary, click “Edit” and see the live links to your microsite pages on the right side of the screen:

Easy Marketing Automation

Thoughts, ideas? We want to hear them. Give us a shout at 800-264-6291 or shoot us a note at with your ideas on how we can make Boingnet the go to platform for easy marketing automation.


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