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Email Campaigns with Landing Pages

Why build email campaigns with landing pages? email campaigns with landing pages

Commons sense dictates that marketers should build email campaigns with landing pages, as every campaign ought to have some sort of dedicated landing page designed to capture and convert traffic with a specific call to action.  It is certainly a subject that Boingnet has been banging the table about (see “Landing Pages for Every Campaign” most recently). To summarize – if you aren’t directing your customers where to go next, they’ll either go to your home page and get lost, or worse, go to punch up Google  and look at ads from your competitors. Landing pages take that same traffic and present limited options and strong calls to action to your list, nudging them to fill out forms, talk with salespeople or make purchases.

Metrics and results are telling you to

Numbers can often be predicted with common sense. In this case, the metrics are clear – integrated email campaigns with landing pages are popular and effective. In fact, eMarketer recently reported that landing pages are now the single most popular channel to be included with email campaigns (“Landing Pages are the Top Channel used with Email Marketing“) with “more than six in 10 marketers worldwide said that landing pages were the marketing channel most often integrated with their email programs. This was the most popular response by far, with second-place social media and No. 3 events each cited by around four in 10 respondents.”

Integrating pURL landing pages into your email campaigns makes even more sense

If you can personalize the experience and create a landing page with a pre-filled form, of course you should. pURL landing pages take the high converting single call to action aspects of standard landing pages and adds personalized content, a unique URL and much deeper tracking capability. Our friends over at Marketing Sherpa have a powerful case study “How Email Series + Personalized Landing Page Lifted Webinar’s ROI by 2000%” that measures in detail how Oracle was able to drive  webinar registration 64% higher than their goals and exceed their sales opportunities goal by 61%.  Who wouldn’t want to report numbers like these in their next email campaign?

Boingnet makes it easy with Personalized Campaigns

While other solutions require marketers to operate, manage and maintain separate email marketing software, landing pages software and URL management software, Boingnet makes the process of integrating email campaigns with landing pages easy. Boingnet is unique in the marketing software world, there are only a handful of companies that offer email marketing and landing pages in a single platform, with just a couple that offer pURL based personalization on those landing pages. “Personalized Campaigns” are the campaign types in Boingnet where the pURL landing page is the focal point of the campaign, with email blasts and drip marketing acting as the channel drivers to those personalized landing pages.  The fabulous Liz Townsend here at Boingnet has been hard at work developing great help videos and articles in our ever expanding Knowledgebase. This 8 minute video is a fantastic overview on how using Boingnet’s integrated platform, the process of integrating landing pages with email marketing is simple and straight forward.

Interested in learning more? Register for our Free Trial here or shoot us a note at our Contact Page. We are here to help you brainstorm and share the ideas that we’ve seen work over thousands of campaigns.

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