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Email Verification – 5 Reasons To Clean Up Your List

 What is Email Verification?

Boingnet Email Verification ServiceEmail verification is a fast growing marketing technology that helps marketers separate valid and invalid email addresses before campaigns are sent. Why are marketers increasingly focused on email list quality? It’s quite simple: Email marketing now drives as much revenue as other digital channels combined, and the lists used by marketers decay at a rate of 25% per year, according to estimates.

Recent advancements in email verification and marketing automation technology have made it easy and inexpensive for marketers to keep their lists clean. We’ve teamed up with our partners at BriteVerify to list the top 5 reasons why savvy marketers should use an email verification service.

 1.) Email Verification Will Lower Your Bounce Rate

A properly structured email verification service will help to keep invalid email addresses off sending lists. Since all invalid email addresses bounce, it is easy to see how validation keeps bounce rates low. According to BriteVerify Founding Partner, Mike Flaum: “By taking invalid addresses out of your sending lists, your bounce rate improves instantly. A low bounce rate is a critical goal for all email marketers, as it is the most fundamental sign of a healthy list and helps ensure future campaign success.”

2.) Helps Keep You Off Spammer ListsUse good list hygiene with an email verification service

ISP’s and spam watchdogs look for email lists with bounce rates exceeding 5%. When bounce rates creep up, so does your chance of being labeled as a spammer. Clean your email list regularly to keep your sender reputation intact.

3.) Expired Email Addresses Cause Problems

ISP’s and corporate spam filters are always looking for easy ways to spot spammers. One way is for them to flag senders that are emailing to addresses that no longer exist. When you send repeatedly to an email address that is no longer valid, its a big red flag. Email verification sets aside expired addresses prior to sending, protecting you from expired address problems.

4.) Get Better Data

By removing bad email addresses from your list, you’ll get much more accurate engagement statistics. You can truly understand what type of email content lights a fire in your audience and what doesn’t work.  When email lists decay at 2% per month or 25% per year, engagement data can quickly deteriorate. Email list cleaning can give you confidence that you’re measurement of content effectiveness is as accurate as possible.

5.) Get Better Metrics & ROI

Invalid email addresses can’t open, click or convert. Simple math tells us that eliminating them from the send automatically improves your conversion rates. According to Mike Flaum; “Email verification services like BriteVerify and marketing automation platforms like Boingnet work together to simplify the process of setting aside invalid emails. By taking them out of your rotation, your campaign conversion metrics improve instantly. Focusing marketing efforts on engaged audiences rather than invalid addresses will spike every metric.”

You’ll make more money by improving your sender reputation, as more of your marketing emails will hit the inbox. You’ll save money by not wasting resources by sending to invalid addresses.

Make Money + Save Money = Better Email ROI.

We’ve recently integrated Boingnet’s email marketing infrastructure with BriteVerify’s email verification service to give Boingnet clients an easy and affordable service called MaxProtect List Clean. Boingnet users can simply purchase MaxProtect List Credits (starting at $11.40 for 1,000 credits) and let the process kick off. Combined with our unique Spam Tester tool, MaxProtect List Clean gives Boingnet users the easiest, most cost effective tools available to ensure email delivery.

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