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BriteVerify And Boingnet Announce Partnership [Press Release]

Boingnet Partners With BriteVerify For Email List Verification, Launches MaxProtect List Clean Service

ORLANDO, FL September 26, 2016: Marketing automation provider Boingnet announced today that its platform now integrates with BriteVerify, a leading email verification service. The BriteVerify Boingnet partnership is being unveiled as a part of the new MaxProtect List Clean service today at the Graph Expo 16 conference in Orlando, FL.

MaxProtect List Clean provides Boingnet customers with a simple email list verification tool by connecting with BriteVerify’s API. With the click of a button, Boingnet clients can send their entire list to BriteVerify for clean-up prior to launching their email campaign.  Now marketers have a fast and easy way to lower email bounce rates and improve their email deliverability.

MaxProtect List Clean Helps Minimize Email Blacklist Risk

The BriteVerify Boingnet partnership is designed to help marketers stay off email blacklists. “Smart marketers are vigilant about their email list validity, because they know it can be very painful to get removed from ISP blacklists,” says BriteVerify Founding Partner, Mike Flaum. “We work with Boingnet to check every email address for syntax, domain validity and email server authentication – all in the background without having to leave Boingnet’s interface.”

“Email lists deteriorate at a rate of about 25% per year, which puts the sender reputation of email marketers at risk within just a few months,” says Alec Graziano, CTO and Founder of Boingnet. “By setting aside invalid email addresses before campaigns are launched, our new MaxProtect List Clean process immediately lowers email bounce rates and boosts campaign metrics.”

Marketing and Print Service Providers Need Extra List Protection

For email marketers concerned with list quality best practices, MaxProtect List Clean is an ideal tool to implement prior to any campaign launch. For marketing services providers and printers offering email services, it’s a must have. “As more printers are adding high value email and multichannel marketing services to their offering, they’re finding that email list quality is a huge factor in their ability to deliver to email inboxes on a consistent basis” says Boingnet CEO Dennis Kelly. “We’re introducing MaxProtect List Clean here at GraphExpo 16 because print service providers get email address data from a variety of sources that they sometimes can’t verify. Now, PSP’s can verify the validity of every email address they get prior to deployment, preserving their sender reputation and deliverability rates.”

MaxProtect List Clean Pricing

Starting at $9.50 for 1,000 MaxProtect credits, with one credit equal to one email address verified, MaxProtect List Clean joins Boingnet’s Spam Checker and integrated Domain Purchasing tools as unique, affordable features designed to improve and simplify the complexity that email deliverability can present to marketers. To learn more about the BriteVerify Boingnet partnership, visit Boingnet and BriteVerify.

About BriteVerify

BriteVerify provides real time email verification solutions that improve email data quality, Inbox deliverability and email marketing ROI. With offices in the U.S. and the U.K., BriteVerify helps over 20,000 organizations in 150 countries collect better email data and send smarter campaigns. For more information please visit, follow BriteVerify on Twitter, or find us on Facebook.

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