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Crazy New Reporting Tools

We recently rolled out new reporting tools that make it easy to see in an instant the impact of your campaigns. Using the latest web technologies, you can quickly zero in on the key insights that drive your campaigns.

What’s Been Updated?

Boingnet now features incredible interactive charts that you can annotate, download & share. Check them out throughout the platform:

  • Home page (the most recent campaign you’ve run)
  • Email Campaign Reports
  • Personalized (PURL) Campaign Reports
  • Lead Generation Campaign Reports
  • Drip Nurture Campaign Reports

new reporting tools - dashboard with annotation

The new reporting tools are powered by charts from AMCharts.  Among the new capabilities:

  • Mouse over chart details & date range changes
  • Annotate with shapes, text or drawings
  • Download the image as .jpeg, .png, .pdf or .svg files and drop into an email, MS Word or a printed report
  • Save the data as .csv, .xlsx or .json files to do further analysis
  • Print the chart instantly

Drip Nurture New Reporting Tools

Each day more Boingnet clients are using our patent pending drip nurture reports to get better results from their lead generation, email and PURL campaigns. In addition to new charts, we’ve built new reporting tools to visualize the performance of Drip Nurture Campaigns.

Campaign View

Now, marketers can get a quick snapshot of the cumulative statistics for their drip campaign. Total emails sent, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, etc are shown, with quick links to view or download exactly which contacts took each action.

new reporting tools campaign view drip nurture

Drip Step Details

New view & download options for analyzing each step of your drip nurture campaign with totals and percentages by step:

new reporting tools drip step details

What Else Is New? Send Test Emails With Personalization Variables

Boingnet has always had an amazing ability to personalize email templates with variable data from the contact list. Now you can get a full preview of your template with variables inserted before you send your campaign. Just create your email campaign and on page 2 of the campaign wizard, enter a test email in the space provided. The first contact in your contact list will be pulled, and the data from that contact record will be inserted into any variables in your template or subject line. You can test & change your email as many times as needed to get it right.

New reporting tools release - test email variables

Other Boingnet Updates Include

There are a ton of new things that have been going on under the hood to help Boingnet scale up with more users & campaigns. Here’s a partial list of the goodies:

  • New validation on files & images that are uploaded to the Asset Manager – will prevent improper file names
  • New validation on the Microsite Friendly URL field to prevent improper URLs from being saved
  • New billing and system email options in the account Profile
  • New fields in the contact record (read only – can’t be updated in the UI). These will be used for future reports & analytics.


Thanks – We’d Love to Hear From You

If you have any feedback or ideas for Boingnet, we want to hear about them! Many of updates come from ideas generated by our clients. We love getting feedback and responding with changes that help marketers work better, faster and smarter.

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