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Email Templates & Domain Management Tools – Boingnet’s New Release

Boingnet today announced a new software release with added conveniences and features designed to address large, problematic challenges facing nearly all of today’s digital marketers. The new release features a series of free, professionally designed email templates that streamline the process for creating visually appealing marketing emails.  It also provides users with a unique new feature set intended to improve the relationship between digital marketers and IT teams. Marketers using Boingnet software can now search for, buy, and manage Vanity URLs (Vanity Domains) for landing pages and microsites directly in the Boingnet software without ever getting IT involved.

“The pace of new feature development at Boingnet continues to accelerate, “said Dennis Kelly, CEO of Boingnet. “Our team has been hard at work developing new tools to make it even easier and faster for Boingnet users to crank out even better multi-channel marketing campaigns. I’m very proud of the new features offered in this release, and excited to share them with our customers, whose suggestions and feedback always play a major role in the prioritization of our roadmap.”

Integrated Marketing Domains for pURLs, Email & Landing Pages

Buying Vanity Domains in Boingnet

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To implement their Domain Management capabilities, Boingnet partnered with Amazon Web Services to give users a secure, scalable system that simplifies the process. This lets Boingnet users concentrate on what they do best – building killer marketing campaigns. They no longer need to rely on IT, or try on to update code on their own when trying to figure out how to change things like MX records or add wildcards.

“We’re especially excited for this release because it simplifies the process for our users, who tend to be marketing-focused and do not have a technical background,” said Alec Graziano, Founder and CTO of Boingnet.  “With this new release, Boingnet users can now buy marketing domains right in our software, with all of the technical settings automatically configured for them. Couple that with the added simplification of email template design, and we truly believe that this release will provide major added value and ease-of-use to our customers.”

New Library of Pre-Designed Responsive Email Templates

email templates

Boingnet’s new email templates

To date, Boingnet customers have been impressed with the software’s point & click template builder.  Still, many users have requested design tools that are even more turnkey, even easier to use. Acting on these requests, Boingnet’s team of front end designers and developers conceived, designed, and delivered a series of professionally designed and coded templates that can be easily tweaked and adjusted to meet a customer’s individual needs.

“These new templates are designed and coded responsively, so our users’ emails will look just as beautiful on a Smartphone as they do on a tablet or desktop,” said John Reed, head of front end development at Boingnet. “We’ve all worked very hard to deliver something that would improve the Boingnet experience for our users and their end customers, and I truly believe we’ve achieved that with this latest release.”

The new release marks the latest in series of recent innovations for the emerging software company whose goal is to simplify the creation and deployment of digital marketing campaigns for digital agencies, Managed Service Providers, and individual companies in the SMB market.

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