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Email Validation

Our clients frequently ask what they can do to increase the deliverability of their email campaigns.  One of the most important ways to do this is to perform email validation on your campaign’s list.  You really don’t want to be sending to email addresses that are invalid or that contain spelling or syntax errors.  Doing so would increase your blast’s bounce rate and could damage your email sender reputation which would affect all your future email campaigns.

Email Validation Is Fully Integrated Into Boingnet:

Because clean email lists are so important to our clients, we tested many email verification services to find the best solution in the business.  As a result, we have partnered with BriteVerify.  For more information about this new partnership look at our latest Blog post – BriteVerify and Boingnet.

With the click of a button from your Boingnet account, you can now send your lists to BriteVerify for cleaning prior to launching your email campaigns:

Email Validation - Clean Button - Boingnet

BriteVerify’s email validation checks each email address on your list for syntax, domain validity and email server authentication.  Invalid email addresses are flagged as such and are not included in your email blast.  This lowers your campaign’s bounce rate and increases your email deliverability.  And, of course, higher deliverability means increased click-throughs and better conversion rates for your campaign.

Once BriteVerify’s email list cleaning has completed, you’ll be able to look at the clean report by downloading a PDF:

Email Validation - MaxProtect List Clean Report - Boingnet

This report will give you the total number of valid and invalid emails broken down by category as well as a glossary of terms.  We recommend reviewing this information and sharing it with your list provider.

What’s Next?

Boingnet automatically sets aside invalid email addresses so that you can’t hurt your email campaigns with them. The invalid addresses remain in the contact records in your list. You can filter your list based on any email status to view, correct or download them. After you’ve corrected invalid email addresses, you can upload them into your list with our “Append” feature.

For more detailed information and a tutorial video on email list cleaning, check out our article on Clean Email List Best Practices.

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