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New Personalized URL Campaign Dashboards – December 2016 Update

We’ve just unveiled our new personalized url campaign dashboards, the highlight of a number of new features and usability enhancements in Boingnet.  The list of improvements is substantial, reflecting our drive to make Boingnet easy, fast and affordable for our clients. Highlights of this release include:

  • Charts With Event Overlays – Add direct mail launches, social media ads and other events to personalized url campaign dashboards and lead generation dashboards
  • Published/Unpublished Status – Designed to let users set up campaigns & fully test prior to launch. Test forms, alerts, reporting & more, then clear out test data to go live
  • Gorgeous Pre-built Landing Page & Email Template Packs – Designed to speed up multi-channel marketing, with matching email & landing page designs with 10 different themes and multiple color pallete choices

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December 2016 Release Notes

Below are full descriptions of the the major feature and usability enhancements included in this release.

Spectacular New Landing Page & Email Template Packs

Our professional designers and HTML pros have been working overtime to develop a series of new landing page and email template packs that are free when you use Boingnet. A template pack is a landing page and email template designed to be used together.

We’ve solved a huge problem for marketers: deploying landing pages and emails with consistent messaging, design and color palletes without breaking the bank.

This release includes 10 Template Packs designed for different industry campaigns. There are multiple color palletes to choose from for each pack. The industry template packs are: Insurance, B2B Professional, Education, Financial Services, Generic, Healthcare, Non-profit, Real Estate, Restaurants and Retail. You are getting thousands of dollars of free creative with your Boingnet subsciption:

personalized url campaign dashboards - new landing pages

Professional Landing Page Templates

personalized url campaign dashboards - new email templates

Matching Email Template

The landing page and email template pack images use the creative common license, so there’s no royalty involved in using them.

Lead Gen and Personalized URL Campaign Dashboards

The Lead Generation and Personalized URL Campaign dashboards have new layouts and features designed to help you get things done quickly, and highlight your campaign successes.

Campaign Events – Tell The Story Of Your Campaign.

The chart at the top of the Lead Generation and Personalized Campaign dashboards now has a feature that enables campaign events to be overlaid on top of the landing page or microsite performance metrics. These campaign events can be automatically generated (in the case of an email broadcast in a personalized campaign) or user defined (for events that happen outside of Boingnet, like direct mail drops, online ads, social media posts, etc.). You can drill down into email metrics within a personalized campaign by clicking on the icon next to the event. You can add, edit and delete and unlimited number of user defined events in a campaign. You can further edit and download your chart with the amazing new charting features released a few months ago:

personalized url campaign dashboards - campaign events

Recent Visitors Panel & Download

We’ve added a real time listing of the most recent visitors to your landing page/microsite.

Personalized Campaigns (which are centered around Personal URLs for each target) will show you exactly who has visited and/or converted:

personalized url campaign dashboards recent-visitors-partial

Lead Generation Campaigns – which capture anonymous traffic from web forms, online ads and other sources, will display the location of the visitor and whether they converted:

personalized url campaign dashboards - lead gen recent visitors

Tip: In either report – the icon in the “converted” column will display submitted form data for the visitor

Better Campaign Testing With “Unpublished” Status

Now, users can set up lead generation or personalized url campaigns and test any and all features, including form submissions, email alerts and all reports while campaigns are in “unpublished” status. You can clear out the stats captured during unpublished mode or keep them. When “publish and clear stats” is selected, reports and lead alert statuses will be reset:

personalized url campaign dashboards - unpublished status

New campaigns will automatically default to “unpublished” mode. The status of the campaign is now noted in the campaign listing:

personalized url campaign dashboards - status listing

Usability Updates

We’ve also added several smaller, but important user experience improvements. Our goal is to help you do your job better and faster. Several of these items were requested by existing Boingnet clients.

Test Email With Variables Inserted – From The Editor

Our test email feature now lets you choose a list prior to sending. Boingnet will choose a contact from the list and automatically fill in variables in the test email with data from the list:

personalized url campaign dashboards - test email

Copy Micrositepersonalized url campaign dashboards - copy microsite

When you’re building a new campaign and you just need to use the same microsite settings from a previous effort, you now can use the “Copy Microsite” feature. This will take a snapshot of an existing microsite and save it with a new name. You can open the new microsite to change the name or modify any of the microsite settings.

Modify List Mappingspersonalized url campaign dashboards - field mapping selection

Often, when you are setting up a campaign, you realize after the fact that you need another field in your list to track an important piece of information. Now, you’ve got a handy way to view and edit the fields that a list is using – at any time. Once the changes are saved, forms and reports will reflect the new fields:

Personalized URL campaign dashboards - field mapping view

Update Link Button Styles & Settings

You can now select a link button in the page or email template editor and modify any of the styles or settings. Just select the button in the editor and use the button tool in the left panel:

Personalized url campaign dashboards - button update

More Updates and Enhancements!

There are many more changes in the release that are not as visible or clients may not utilize as frequently, including:

  • Redirect Template usability improvement
  • Forms – Modernized default formatting – single column, styled web form elements, edit buttons after creation
  • Email Campaign Drip – optimized workflow 
  • Enhanced “Lead Alert” Emails
  • Contact Records – added Created Date & Last Updated Date 
  • Domain Renewal Process – new process to renew campaign domains purchased in Boingnet
  • Billing – no longer need to enter credit card to upgrade plan
  • Enhanced Edit/Delete of API keys in “Integrations” page

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