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Mobile Marketing Alert!Mobile Marketing with Boingnet

If you feel like you can’t have a marketing conversation or open a marketing oriented website today without being overwhelmed by everyone saying that everything has to be mobile, you aren’t alone.  Facts are facts, and the world’s attention is now squarely focused on small to medium sized slabs of glass, plastic & aluminum that we carry around and stare at all day to keep us informed, “shared” and entertained. Marketers realize they need to be in the game, and have developed innumerable strategies to remain relevant on the form factor de jour. While some really creative and successful campaigns have been launched, there really isn’t a consensus on the best way for B2B and B2C businesses to play in the mobile marketing game.  Should we be using mobile advertising? Location services? What are appropriate guidelines for text based campaigns?

We at Boingnet believe the newness, testing & creative process around mobile marketing has created a level of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) among the clients and partners that we talk to. We’ll be focused on bringing some focus and clarity to the situation in our upcoming version 2 release, centered around some basic principles:

  1. Mobile campaigns aren’t one-offs or silos. They should be integrated into the overall brand and campaign strategy, giving customers consistent brand messages and driving toward metrics that recognize customers engaging with campaigns living in multiple channels.
  2. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). While we try to remind ourselves of this on a daily basis, the multitude of mobile marketing opportunities that are being peddled today make it really hard.  We believe that mobile customers don’t want to try to do anything too hard. Campaigns and calls to action need to be direct, clear and provide value to the customer.
  3. Personalized.  Mobile campaigns can’t become the equivalent of the massive interstitial ads that are increasingly giving us headaches on big screen web. Rather than interrupting and taking over the entire experience in a shotgun style, mobile campaigns should be an arrow shot at the customer, using personalized data focused on hitting them at the right time or being available when they want to or have time to engage.  When campaigns are personalized, user experiences are exponentially better on a mobile device.

Integrated, simple and personalized campaigns. We can’t wait to engage in the mobile market with our vision. Stay tuned for more information on Boingnet v2 as we close in on our release date.

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Personal URLs are typically used to support direct mail or email campaigns. They are a powerful new marketing tool that has boosted response rates and allowed for campaign quantification that has until recently been unattainable.

Ad networks such as Google Adwords have changed the face of online advertising. The banner ads of the 90s have given way to the much more context sensitive and relevant ads delivered by these massive ad networks. So why not use these two powerful and effective technologies together?

Why use pURLs with Adwords?

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Boingnet gets calls and emails from agencies and printers on a regular basis who want to know how to use pURLs in a direct mail campaign for their brand, smb or client. The Boingnet platform has been used in thousands of campaigns over the years to produce pURLs that drive huge response rates in direct mail campaigns.

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