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Boingnet’s new release features a series of free, professionally designed email templates that streamline the process for creating visually appealing marketing emails. It also provides users with a unique new feature set intended to improve the relationship between digital marketers and IT teams. Marketers using Boingnet software can now search for, buy, and manage Vanity URLs (Vanity Domains) for landing pages and microsites directly in the Boingnet software without ever getting IT involved.

As 2015 nears its end, we at Boingnet are celebrating more than just a new year; we’re raising our glasses for yet another major Boingnet release. And this time, it’s all simplification and optimization. Not only did we implement some beautifully designed and optimized email templates (which we’ll talk about more in an upcoming blog), but we also streamlined the process for Boingnet users to search for, buy, and manage vanity domains for marketing campaigns.

User Experience Refresh Results in a Simplified, Updated Look & Feel

With a goal of continuing to hide complexity and make marketing automation software easier, we’ve updated the user interface throughout Boingnet with a modern, flat design that is consistent with current web design trends and delivers a better experience for our agency and marketing team clients. We’ve seen several landing page & microsite campaigns roll out through Boingnet using flat design recently, and so we decided to join the movement.