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The Boingnet team had a ball working with the great folks at Agile Education Marketing as we prepared and presented a ton of great content in the webinar titled “Landing Pages – the Key to Higher Conversion”. Boingnet CEO Dennis Kelly reviewed what landing pages are, why they are useful, the 3 most common types of landing page, and what makes landing pages successful or not.

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Commons sense dictates that marketers should build email campaigns with landing pages, as every campaign ought to have some sort of dedicated landing page designed to capture and convert traffic with a specific call to action. It is certainly a subject that Boingnet has been banging the table about (see “Landing Pages for Every Campaign” most recently). To summarize – if you aren’t directing your customers where to go next, they’ll either go to your home page and get lost, or worse, go to punch up Google and look at ads from your competitors. Landing pages take that same traffic and present limited options and strong calls to action to your list, nudging them to fill out forms, talk with salespeople or make purchases.

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A recent study that was highlighted over at MarketingCharts.com showed many of the ways that marketers today are working to make sure that their email lists are of the highest quality. With the huge investment in email marketing that brands and smb’s are making, and the risks associated with developing a poor deliverability score with ISP’s, the costs associated with poor list quality have escalated. In fact, the survey states “With respondents saying that the quality of their subscribers is as important as overall ROI when gauging their email program’s effectiveness”. As a result of the understanding that list quality is so important to the success of email marketing, marketers have utilized a plethora of techniques to both capture accurate email addresses from likely responders as well as update those addresses (people change jobs – alot) to keep their lists growing and accurate.