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The Boingnet team had at great time at the NEDMA 2016 Annual Conference. From the keynote speakers to the incredibly useful breakout sessions, we were able to immerse ourselves in the new, cutting edge practices of outstanding marketers. Our table top booth in the main hall attracted plenty of action, as we were able to re-connect with clients and industry friends.

We had the opportunity to host a breakout session of our own, where we were able to talk about a topic that we are very passionate about- using direct mail and integrating it with marketing automation. Boingnet CEO, Dennis Kelly spoke to a room that was so full, people were sitting on the floor. Here’s a quick summary of the “The Tech Is In The Mail” presentation:

We’ve been hard a work for the past few months to add new capabilities to the page and email template editor (and update/enhance existing features). As many of our existing clients know, we are always reaching out to learn what is causing roadblocks in the platform. The template editor is so important to so many clients, we’ve dedicated this release to making it easier, faster and better. Some of the changes include: