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We at Boingnet are very excited to introduce the first of our Boingnet v2 Webinar Series on Thursday, November 21st at 1 PM EST.  Join us as we review the how Boingnet v2 can help you build killer campaigns that live and work together to drive conversions.Multichannel Success with Boingnet

Multichannel Success with Boingnet

The webinar will provide an overview of how Boingnet works. We’ll show you how Boingnet can help you develop the following campaign types:

  • Lead Generation Landing Page

  • Personalized Landing Page

  • Email Marketing

  • SMS

  • Direct Mail

and how they can work together with BoingDrips – our new Drip Marketing capability that lets you segment your campaigns while they are running to automatically reach out with different messages and channels in order to connect with your targets.

To Register for the Boingnet v2 Multichannel Success Webinar on November 21st at 1PM EST – Click Here

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A recent study that was highlighted over at showed many of the ways that marketers today are working to make sure that their email lists are of the highest quality. With the huge investment in email marketing that brands and smb’s are making, and the risks associated with developing a poor deliverability score with ISP’s, the costs associated with poor list quality have escalated. In fact, the survey states “With respondents saying that the quality of their subscribers is as important as overall ROI when gauging their email program’s effectiveness”. As a result of the understanding that list quality is so important to the success of email marketing, marketers have utilized a plethora of techniques to both capture accurate email addresses from likely responders as well as update those addresses (people change jobs – alot) to keep their lists growing and accurate.

New research sponsored by the HP and the DMA UK, in their first attitudinal print tracking report, shows that of the top 3 actions that consumers take after receiving direct mail from a brand that they are interested in, 44% visit the brand’s website. While this is great news for those interested in driving traffic to the home page of a brand, marketers who are paying attention realize that most of that traffic ends up lost in the maze of objectives that is the brand’s home page.

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