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As long time supporters of the startup community in Greater Boston, Boingnet was really excited when we were invited to participate in Mass Innovation Nights #MIN57 on December 11th. Mass Innovation Nights is a monthly showcase of up and coming companies that has grown over the years to become a local institution of the innovation community in Eastern Massachusetts. Founded by the effervescent Bobbie Carlton, MassInno (in the local parlance) attracts cool companies of all shapes and sizes to either launch a new product (as in our case) or launch a new business.

As the explosion in mobile usage continues, new regulations force us to ask the question: Are SMS Campaigns a Double-Edged Sword?

On one sharp edge is the fact that mobile marketing is growing at a mind-boggling rate. According to analyst group Forrester research, with more than one billion smartphones in consumers’ pockets in 2013, mobile marketing is driving a second Internet revolution. It’s also a fact that Millennials, our growing consumer base, pay more attention to text messages than to direct mail or email messages. The pressure for marketers to reach out to consumers with SMS campaigns is compelling. On the other edge, however, are the new FCC rules, which are making compliance with TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) more cumbersome and the penalties for non-compliance even more staggering.

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The team here at Boingnet has been working incredibly hard to roll out Boingnet v2. After our successful launch at the fall DMA13 show in Chicago, we’ve started recording videos that enable marketers to gain a visual understanding of exactly how Boingnet v2 can help them. The Boingnet v2 Overview Webinar is a full, high level overview of Boingnet v2.

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